Tuberculosis is also one of the leading causes of mortality in India killing more than 300,000 people in India every year. A single patient can infect 10 or more people in a year. But if treated properly, TB is curable. It requires at least 6 months of treatment. Government of India under its TB control programme, Revised National Tuberculosis Control Programme (RNTCP), offers free treatment and medicines at various health centres and government hospitals.  DOTS (Directly Observed Treatment short course) is a stratgey recommended by WHO, is the only effective means of TB treatment and is practiced in more than 180 countries.
MDR-TB Partnership has come up with an innovative approach to create awareness on Tuberculosis among children through edutainment and games. The package “Stop TB Carnival” is a CD-Rom based campaign with games and interactive learning on Tuberculosis. The primary aim of the project is to create TB awareness among youth and bring a change using interactive computer and mobile phone games. It has been evidenced that interactive games blended with socially relevant messages helps in effective, quicker & easier understanding, better retention of information, and creates awareness.

Components of “Stop TB Carnival” Games
Stop TB Learning Zone:
The learning zone covers four self-explanatory simulated modules with voice-over and animations. At the end of the four modules is a summative test to evaluate the knowledge.
Stop TB Cricket:
Interactive Cricket Game based on 20/20 Cricket. Play the cricket and try to win over the TB germs by chasing the score set for the users.
Stop TB Quiz:
An interactive quizzing game show based on Tuberculosis, where the quizmaster puts questions on Tuberculosis. The quiz has 10 questions and three lifelines to play with.
Stop TB Mobile Cricket:
Mobile Phone based version of the Cricket game is also developed to make young people play and learn about TB, anytime – anywhere.

Download Mobile Game on your Handset:
(For all mobile devices with resolution 320X240)

You can also download the mobile version of the game "STOP TB Cricket" on your mobile phone. The link is for all Mobile Devices with resolution: 320X240 Type the above WML link on your mobile browser and the game will get downloaded on your handset. More links of other devices will be available soon.
Please note that your mobile device should be GPRS enabled. If you are not sure, please contact your mobile operator, who will help you to enable the GPRS.

The CD-Rom games are being distributed to schools in and around Delhi in close collaboration with the Delhi State TB Office. Central TB Division, GOI, has validated the content of the CD-Rom.

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